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Things I have learnt in July

31 Jul

I didn’t write a list of things that I learnt in June but here is what I have learnt in July.

1. I have no idea how much food I need to cook for 9 people. I think I catered for about 30 at my Vegan BBQ. But if I ended up in the situation where people went home with hungry bellies I would never forgive myself. It turned out that it fed 9 people on the Saturday, 6 adults and 2 children on the Sunday and then us for the next 4 days. Luckily nothing was wasted and I have convinced myself that some of the dishes improved by having a few more days for the flavours to infuse.

2. Writing a CV is an art form. I have recently been on a course to help me improve my CV and to be able to present myself better when applying for jobs. I thought that it might not be the best use of time but I have thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt a lot. I didn’t think that there were so many way of presenting yourself on two sides of A4 paper but there are. Of course, the hardest part of writing a CV is trying to show your good points without sounds like a show-off.

3. Rondini and Dodi are both types of courgette. I found this out at my Vegan BBQ when I asked guests to bring along an exotic vegetable with them. There was me thinking that there were only green and yellow courgettes.

4. It is obligatory in Europe to drive with your lights on, irrespective of whether it is during daylight hours or not. I have been using the car for the past year and only just found out last week. Luckily, I didn’t find out because the police stopped me but because my boyfriend shouted at me. Actually… it might have been better to get stopped by the police because they might have been a bit more understanding (!)


5. I miss rain. I really do. The grass is looking yellow and scorched and I feel hot and bothered the whole time. I am hoping for some cooler weather soon.

I hope that you have learnt some interesting things in July as well.

On the run…

8 Jul

After a break from running, more due to laziness than life threatening injury, I am back.

Before moving to Switzerland I ran a marathon and was working out hard at least 5 or 6 times a week. With the move and the upheaval (and the fact that to meet people it seems to be almost mandatory to have a beer), I just never sorted out my exercise routine. Now I have almost been in Switzerland for two years and I weigh more and feel less good about myself.

So I am back running. I even went running in the rain this lunchtime with some work colleagues. It wasn’t a long distance – in fact nothing compared to the distances I was covering when I was marathon training – but I did it.

Most people are put off running in the rain but I think there is something about running in the cold and the wet that gives you almost super human powers. Running with your head down and the wind blowing in your face, it feels like more of an achievement than running in clement weather. You almost feel like looking up to the skies and shouting “Come on weather! Is this the best that you can do? I’m winning!”

And that’s how I feel for now. Elated. Energetic. Enthused.

How long this will last for is anyone’s guess… I will just take it one step at a time.