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Anti- Stress solution?

5 Jul

Because I’m not getting any younger and I probably should take more care of myself than I actually do, I booked myself in for a Thai massage last night after work. I am slowly creeping up to a birthday that ends in a nought (but aren’t we all?) so it might be time to take preventative action and make positive steps.

For those of you who regularly read my blog, you will know that I first tried Thai massage in Thailand earlier this year. As I had so many things to do, I ran out of time and had to have a quick upper body massage at the airport. Last night was the whole hog.

The thing that I like most about Thai massage is that you remain fully clothed. I’ve had other massages before and I really can’t stand the vulnerability of being half-naked in a darkened room with a stranger. When I arrived some comfortable clothes were laid out for me. The practitioner quickly realised I wasn’t going to fit into the aforementioned clothes and went to get me new ones. I’m pretty sure they were men’s trousers and they were massive on me. One more motivation to help me lose weight to add to the list. 

Thai people look small but then they are manipulating and stretching your body, they are surprisingly strong. I can only describe the feeling as being a bit like when a toddler or young child decides to walk over you instead of around you because they haven’t yet realised that when you put your full weight on someone it hurts. Elbows, legs and arms everywhere! At one point when she grabbed my neck to massage it, it reminded me of fighting with my brother as a kid and him grabbing my neck so I couldn’t fight back.

It’s probably not recommended to be reminiscing of childhood play fights while someone is treating to realign your body’s energy. On this part, I need more practice at this.

It is said that the massage should be leave the practitioner and the client energised after the massage. I certainly felt a lot better, even though I also felt I had just done 10 rounds with a Mini Mike Tyson. I was thinking how can the practitioner possibly feel energised after this really physical procedure? I think she probably felt great about beating up a person who is twice her size and getting paid for it.

In an age where our lives are dominated by stress, it is important to find methods of relaxing. It turns out that for me this could be someone standing on my back while pulling my arms up to the sky. 

Project 365

21 May

Since 1 January 2014, I have been aiming to take one picture a day on my iPhone and uploading them to social media. A colleague that I used to work with did this last year and I decided it would be a good idea to try it myself.

New Year’s Resolutions last, on average about 2 weeks at the most, but I am pleased to say that I am still going strong with this one! Yes, 140 days in and I am still going strong.

I read somewhere recently that in order to create a new habit you only have to do it for 30 days before it becomes part of your routine. This applies to anything that you can imagine.

At first it was difficult and you have to be conscious that you need to take a photo but certainly after 30 days (maybe a bit before) I didn’t have to think about it. By this time it was something that I did rather than something that I had to do, a bit like brushing your teeth.

It also has the added benefit that I have achieved and done a lot more than I would normally because this then avoids the problem of having several photos of my dinner and photos of me sitting on the sofa watching TV in the evening. I want to share with people the interesting things I have done and achieved and not the mundane and boring parts of my life.

Also this project has made me more observant. It makes me look out for interesting and unusual things rather than keeping my head down and trundling along with the monotony of life.

And at the end of year I will have a complete record of everything I have done, seen or achieved. I am already planning to download all the pictures and create a slideshow of my year for 2014.