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My year in numbers

27 Dec

As the year is almost up, I thought it would be a good idea to make a review of the year using only numbers.

This was my 2017…

105 Number of blog posts (including this one)

1,809 Number of visitors to my blog

2,821 Number of views of my blog

29 Number of flights I have taken

13 Number of countries I have visited (England, Scotland, Wales, Norway, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, France, Italy, Slovakia, Austria, Germany, Singapore)

5 Number of countries I have visited for the first time (Norway, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Slovakia, Singapore)

62 Number of nights I have stayed in hotels

3 Number of weeks I have spent trying to immersing myself in German in a country other than Switzerland

37 Number of books Iโ€™ve read (I really tailed off towards the end of the year. Until July I was on track to read 52, or one a week!)

1 Number of challenges I have completed for my #40Before40 challenge

1 Number of scorpions I have eaten

26 Number of whole weekends I have spend at home in Zurich (Friday, Saturday, Sunday for the whole day)

60 Number of German lessons I have endured

60 Number of times I have said Iโ€™m not learning German anymore because itโ€™s too hard and I will never be able to do it

1 Number of official German exams I have passed with flying colours

6 Number of Escape rooms I have done

4,332,026 Number of steps I have made according to my activity tracker

7 Number of vegetables I have grown in my garden (tomatoes, peppers, carrots, kohlrabi, leeks, onions, cucumber)

2 Number of houseplants I have killed this year (1 is hanging on for dear life as well)

3 Number of Physio appointments for my knee

7 Number of kilos I have lost this year and successfully kept off (16 pounds)

16 Number of late shifts at work

5 Number of years I have been living in Switzerland

200 (about) Number of times people have asked me what is going to happen with Brexit for no other reason than I am

I am a bit surprised by all of the numbers and what I have managed to achieve in 2017. It’s almost time to see what 2018 has in store…


On the run…

8 Jul

After a break from running, more due to laziness than life threatening injury, I am back.

Before moving to Switzerland I ran a marathon and was working out hard at least 5 or 6 times a week. With the move and the upheaval (and the fact that to meet people it seems to be almost mandatory to have a beer), I just never sorted out my exercise routine. Now I have almost been in Switzerland for two years and I weigh more and feel less good about myself.

So I am back running. I even went running in the rain this lunchtime with some work colleagues. It wasn’t a long distance – in fact nothing compared to the distances I was covering when I was marathon training – but I did it.

Most people are put off running in the rain but I think there is something about running in the cold and the wet that gives you almost super human powers. Running with your head down and the wind blowing in your face, it feels like more of an achievement than running in clement weather. You almost feel like looking up to the skies and shouting “Come on weather! Is this the best that you can do? I’m winning!”

And that’s how I feel for now. Elated. Energetic. Enthused.

How long this will last for is anyone’s guess… I will just take it one step at a time.