40 Before 40

I have set myself a challenge of achieving 40 things before I turn 40 in order to ensure (hopefully) that I spend the next 5 years achieving something positive. Some of the items on the list I have been struggling with for a while or putting off. I’m hoping a deadline of 5 years will give me the motivation to achieve them! I will be blogging about my experiences as I am sure that it will not all be smooth sailing.

Here is the full list:

  1. Pass C2 Goethe German exam – 75% completed
  2. Visit 40 countries in Europe – visited 29 out of 40
  3. Go paragliding
  4. Enter a photography competitioncompleted on 16.01.2018
  5. Write my will and plan my funeral
  6. (Re)Learn the flute
  7. Go alcohol-free for a year
  8. Watch every movie on iMDB Top 250 Films list – watched 165 out of 250
  9. Write a novel (at least 50,000 words)
  10. Beat at least one of my running PBs for 10k, 10 miles, half marathon or marathon – half done I managed to beat my 10 mile time during a half marathon race but I can do better
  11. Read the Bible cover to cover
  12. Go to the Operacompleted on 04.07.2018
  13. See the Northern Lights
  14. Go vegan for 3 months – completed on 15.07.2018
  15. Have something that I have written published
  16. Save money for a rainy day
  17. Write a diary for a year completed on 31.12.2018
  18. Take a Hot Air Balloon ride
  19. Take part in an Ultra race
  20. Throw a birthday party for myselfcompleted on 08.09.2018
  21. Watch a series of 24 in 24 hourscompleted on 25.11.2017
  22. Learn how to wolf whistle
  23. Try snowboarding
  24. Take an overnight sleeper train
  25. Cook every recipe from one cookbook – completed on 19.01.2019
  26. Learn how to fold 40 origami designs – made 10 out of 40
  27. Read 40 novels in German – read 10 out of 40
  28. Take a wine degustation course
  29. Read The 40 Books Every Woman Should Readcompleted on 27.06.2019
  30. Solve a Rubik cube – currently in progress
  31. Take up a new sport completed on 23.06.2019
  32. Catch, cook and eat a fish
  33. Make an item of clothing to wear
  34. Stop biting my nails
  35. Read 40 non-fiction books –  read 13 out of 40
  36. Fly long-haul business class
  37. Have a haircut at least 4 times a year – in progress
  38. Be able to touch my toes
  39. Downsize – get rid of anything I don’t need or want by selling, giving away or donating – completed on 23.05.2019
  40. Start and maintain my own travel website

Time for the challenge to begin. #40Before40

Updated 21.06.2019

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