Spring is in the air

23 Feb

When I left the flat this morning to get the train into the city, I was delighted to see the first signs of spring starting to appear.

The sun was already beginning to rise and  the sky was a lovely rich, electric blue colour and on the horizon there was a lovely burnt orange colour in the distance. As I left the front door, I was greeted by a cacophany of birds tweeting their songs proudly to whomever was awake to hear them. At 6.30am this gave me a spring in my step and for the first time in a long time, I wasn’t so reluctant to start the walk to the train station. It makes a huge difference not to have the cold and the dark to greet you first thing in the morning.

It seems strange that the first signs of spring are already here when we are not yet in March. January was so unseasonably miserable that it is nice to see the start of the seasons to come. I am a little bit skeptical that this somehow seems to be a false alarm. That Spring woke up too early and when it does finally realise it will disappear for another few months.

I find it difficult, like most people, to deal with the depressing, daily chore of waking up in the dark and coming home in the dark. And, of course, the bit in the middle being dark and uninviting as well, especially if during this time you are expected to work and do something productive to earn your wage.


Spring and summer for me works a bit differently. I normally leave the curtains open just a touch so that my wake up call is not the nerve jangling tone of the alarm clock but a greeting from the sun who is welcoming me to a new day. Even though I end up sleeping a bit less during in these seasons, somehow I feel more energetic and motivated to get up and do things. Possibly it is more biological than psychological. Either way it is my much preferred method of rising in the morning.

I am bracing myself already for the end of the March, when the clocks go forward: an hour less sleep which alway throws my body clock completely but also briefly the mornings become darker until the sun rises earlier again. Then I will spring out of bed ready to face the world. Until realising I have to go to work and wishing it was weekend again…

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