Operation Full Immersion: Day 1

15 Jan

When I booked this adventure last year, it seemed like a lifetime ago. But today it was time to begin. I took the 4-hour bus journey from Zurich to Munich and I am ready. I have my little suitcase packed with a few things for the week and my German grammar books. At least, I think I am.

I arrived at the place that I was staying which is just outside the main city centre. It is really quiet and the surrounding area looks nice. There is a lot of snow here; definitely more than there was when I left Zurich. But it is bitterly cold.

I decided it would be a good idea to find the language school that I am starting my lessons at tomorrow morning so that I am not stressing about it tomorrow morning. The school is on the same U-Bahn line that is near to the accommodation. I can’t believe that that is pure coincidence. I think I must have chosen the accommodation because it was on the same U-Bahn line as the language school and would be easy to get to.

The thing that I find funny about the U-Bahn is that when you want to get on and off, you have to manually open the door yourself. It is not like any other underground system I have ever been on and I have been on the underground in Los Angeles, London, Barcelona and Budapest. You can clearly hear a click when the carriage comes to a stop at the station and then you are able to open the doors. I was worry once I noticed that there was no button to press and, luckily someone got off on the stop that I did, so I didn’t have to fiddle around with the handle looking stupid because I didn’t know what I was doing.

Also, something that I noticed is how passengers are told to get inside the train. On the London Underground, a very posh lady who sounds like she should be working for the BBC says, almost apologetically, “Please stand clear of the doors”. In Munich, a grumpy-sounding man barks “Zurück bleiben” (“Stay back!”). Either way I guess it gets the message across.

I had a small wander around the city to try to orientate myself a little but it is difficult now that it is dark, because everywhere looks different in the daylight. So, I am now preparing to get my bag ready and prepare myself for “school” first thing tomorrow. I have first day nerves already but I am hopeful that once I get there and the lessons start, everything will be ok; although I am sure that I will spend half of the night trying to calculate at what point, after 3 hours of German lessons, will my head cave in on itself.munich-1795845__340

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