Food, food, food

30 Dec

I was expecting my first Christmas in Switzerland to be lacking in one area. Food. British Christmas are less a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ who died to save us all and more a competition to see how much of the food, that we buy for the four day Christmas break, we can actually manage to get through.

I remember back in the days when I worked for Tesco and at Christmas time I witnessed fights over the last piece of brie on the cheese counter and tears that the last of the mince pies have been sold on a daily basis.

Here I can honestly say that there is a lot less stress around cooking. Christmas Eve was time for cheese fondue. Easy to prepare: melted cheese, with some wine and garlic mixed in. The most stressful thing about this dish is wondering if the pieces of bread you are cutting are too big or too small.

Christmas Day was Mongolian Pot. A bouillon or stock is boiled and vegetables and noodles. You fish out the cooked vegetables from the bouillon using a little net and cook your own meat in the bouillon using a fork. There are also pickles, olives, a variety of different sauces to choose from as well. It all tastes delicious.

Boxing Day was Fondue Chinoise. This is sort of the same as the Mongolian Pot but there are no vegetables being cooked in the pot. Vegetables and other “side dishes” are served in addition to the meat that you cook in the bouillon with your own fork.

No stress at all. It seems like the British are somehow doing this Christmas thing wrong. You invite your guests, chop up the vegetables and they cook it for themselves. What could be more simple?

In summary, the food was not lacking in any shape or form. It was great. It was quite nice as well, not to have to be eating 3 day old turkey in a sandwich/curry/stew* (*delete as appropriate).

I did manage to make my own mince pies. I bought the mincemeat for the img_4282filling at around August time when I was in the UK for a visit. The pastry was shop bought but I was very impressed with the outcome. See for yourself here.

A Christmas with Swiss traditional food as well as one of my favourites from home (perhaps I can squeeze a few more in next year). I am kind of sick of the sight of food now and I have been taking it easy in terms of food consumption between Christmas and New Year. But the eating will start again tomorrow with Raclette which is my favourite of favourites and probably will be when I eat my weight in melted cheese and potato.

January will be on us then and that is when the real hard work beginning with the New Year Diet.

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