Swiss v British advent calendars: Discuss

14 Dec

After years of complaining that I haven’t had an advent calendar for, well, years, I have 3 this year. Oh yes, three all to myself. I was nicely surprised when I went back home for a weekend in November, when my mum had bought me one and two friends on two separate occasions bought me one when they came round for dinner.

As the Swiss are known for chocolate you would assume that the Swiss advent calendar(s) would be better. In the interest of science (and maybe out of boredom), I have made an experiment to finally expose the makers of the best chocolate advent calendar in the world. Please note: only two countries were available to be entered into the experiment, so the claim of “best chocolate advent calendar in the world” might be overstated.


The British advent calendar is definitely for kids but as it was bought for me by my mother I don’t see the problem with this. There is a big cartoon Father Christmas on the front and behind the doors is not only a delicious chocolate but a task to perform. For example, this morning it was “Can you draw Santa’s sleigh?” You know, it took me a good 20 minutes but it turns out I actually can. Another one said, “Give people hugs at Christmas” which I think is lovely advice which shouldn’t just apply to Christmas or just give to children. Can you imagine a world where the first thing you did in the morning was to be told to give hugs to people you meet, even strangers? What a nicer place it would be to live in than this planet. On a slightly negative note, the chocolates are a bit small.

Both of the other calendar are made by Läderach. I don’t think I had heard of Läderach before I came to Switzerland. It’s now a firm favourite of mine. The chocolate has a smooth, luxurious taste: a caramel and chocolate explosion in the mouth, melting away like a snowflake dissolving on a tongue. One of the Läderach calendars looks like a little village. It has 3 parts and each of the doors is a door to the house in the village. The houses that make up the village are a winter scene so it doubles as a small decoration as well.

It’s a very hard decision to make a decision. The calendar that my mum bought me is Cadbury’s chocolate and there are days over here when I can’t help but crave a Boost. These are one of the chocolate bars you definitely can’t get over here. I know, I have tried. But chocolate is what the Swiss do best…

On this occasion I will settle for a draw because chocolate is chocolate so everyone’s a winner.

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