Things that I miss about home

20 Aug

As I have just returned from a weekend at home, here are the main things that I miss about home:

1. People 

This goes without saying… Leaving your home land, or even city, has the added anguish of leaving behind the people who make the place great. It is only at this point that you realise that it is true that you do take people, places and things for granted.

2. Being able to understand everything and being understood

Because I moved to an non-English speaking country I have the language barrier. And it really is a barrier (think Krypton Factor style brick wall). It isn’t the same striking up a conversation with the old lady who just got onto the bus. Instead she talks to me, sees my hugely bewildered look and walks off tuttering and muttering to herself in frustration.

3. Food

Yes, yes the reputation of British food is poor across the globe but nothing quite compares to mum’s home cooking. Or fish and chips for that matter.

4. More TV channels

In an attempt to help me with point 2, I do watch some German TV channels. In Switzerland the number of UK channels is small, especially when compared to Sky. The variety of the channels that are available are pretty trashy and it make me wonder what other nationalities think of our programming.

5. No intermissions in the cinema

An intermission at the cinema probably did exist in the UK in the 1960s or something but the intermission has still not been phased out in Switzerland. Half way through the film… BANG! The film, which was not designed for a break, stops and the lights come on. Plus there is very little warning when the lights go out and the film start again. Very annoying.

6. Humour

The British sense of humour is renowned the world over for being hard to understand but also the best in the world. I have now stopped telling jokes. Things just aren’t funny if you have to explain them.

7. Bread

No Warburton’s or Hovis?? Oh come on, that’s not fair!


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