Holiday time finally!!! Oh wait a moment….

18 Apr

Today I start my Easter holidays with a bang! Today I fly to LA and the West Coast of the US for 2 weeks of adventure and fun.

That was until I received an email from Swiss airlines at 7am telling me that I had a 4 hour delay (minimum) and my flight will not leave until early evening now instead of lunchtime. On the one hand: Thanks for the heads up, I now have a bit more time to get myself organised. On the other hand: Seriously????

I had no specificย plans for Friday late afternoon/evening in LA but now I won’t get to have a swim in the pool at the hotel or even possibly leave the hotel until the morning. I have no safety concerns about walking around a city that I haven’t been to before but not after dusk when the chances of being disorientated are higher. Because everywhere looks the same in the dark. I hope that the restaurant in the hotel has decent food and is affordable.

The trip that I will be do starts in LA and then travels on to the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, San Francisco and then back to LA. It is an organised trip with a company called TrekAmerica. I was recommended the company by a person I met in Peru when I was trekking the Inca Trail in 2011. I used them last year when I went to the East Coast of the US.

I know that this sort of group trip is not for everyone but for me it provides a lot of advantages. It provides the safety of being in a group while you do get to have some independence, the intinery is flexible so you can see the things that you are interested in so no trip will be the same, you have a local guide who knows the area and is knowledgeable about not only the trip but life in America in general and willing and able to sort things out for you. The majority of the trip is camping. I think 9 nights in tents and 6 nights in hotels. 2 of the hotels are either side of the tour because I am arriving early and leaving late to have a few days on my own to take a bit more time to explore.

I booked this holiday in November last year. I like having something to look forward to. For the time being the amount of time I have to wait for is slightly extended but I am a firm believer in the saying “Best things come to those who wait”.

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