Ski season is over

11 Apr

Ski season is over. In fact, it was over a few weeks ago for me, when I took my rental skis back.

In December I was not even sure if I was going to ski at all this season. I went once last year, which was the first time that I had been. I kept flip-flopping between being very keen and motivated about going and thinking “I probably won’t be able to do it”. Partly because a few of my housemates are skiers and boarders, I decided why not? At least I would have some people to go with.

The other big reason that I decided to go was because people pay thousands and thousands of pounds, euros and the like to come to a place like Switzerland and ski. I live here and can easily get to any number of ski resorts on the train and within a couple of hours. I have the flexibility to go for a day or a morning and it still be relatively cheap. I would be an absolute fool not to make the effort to learn while I have the chance and be the envy of all my friends in the process.

I every almost weekend that I possibly could and it turns out I am still rubbish at it. I always find it difficult not to compare myself with other people and Switzerland is possibly not the best place to assess your skiing abilities because everyone is so good and has been skiing since they could walk. I would not surprise me if a couple expecting a baby here went to the hospital to find out, not the gender of their child during a scan, but whether they would be having a skier or a boarder! Also the amount of children who are knee high to a grasshopper, who were far superior to me, was unbelieveable. And let’s face it unbelieveably annoying.

Skiing is a difficult beginners sport, partly because there is such a big social part to it. Maybe this is the part of the sport that I excelled at. Going downhill on, what is essentially two planks of wood strapped to my feet, was ok and sometimes enjoyable. But taking them off and putting up your feet for a well deserved alcoholic beverage, can’t really be beaten.

Overall, I’m proud of my skiing efforts. Considering that it was my first full season skiing, I don’t think I did too badly. Sometimes it was difficult, one time I had a complete panic attack and always I finished the day with aching muscles and tired bones but it was hugely rewarding and I proved to myself that I can do things that are out of my comfort zone and still come out of it alive.

Hopefully next season I can feel just as proud at the end of it. I will be aiming to ski more red runs than blue!

Absolute perfection in the heart of the Swiss Alps

Absolute perfection in the heart of the Swiss Alps

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